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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

So it's been awhile since my last blog? Well I'm taking four classes this quarter and it's kinda kicking my butt. Not too much new on the Bothell campus...well underclassmen/women. Bothell waited way too long to cancel classes on the snow days. One time they waited so long that I didn't even make it home, I had to park my car in Bellevue and walk across I-90 bridge. I am very thankful that I have excellent groups in my classes this quarter; I feel lucky to have them. My 470 team got first place in the first round of the simulation that we are doing...only seven more to go - we can do it! I'd like to send out a couple UW Bothell shout outs... First - The employees of the coffee shop on campus; they are always so nice and accommodating. Second - Professor Krishnamurthy for teaching how to harness the power of the internet. Think you deserve a shout out? Check back soon, there are many more to come.

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Thursday, July 13, 2006

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Does everyone know about the UWB retreat coming up? It is July 28-31, only a ferry ride away, and is being offered for the bargain price of $30/night. This will be a great place to meet other students, and alums, as well as get feedback on business ideas. Most of all, it should be a really great time. For more information e-mail Professor Alan Leong at (aleong at gmail dot com). Big ups to Professor Krishnamurthy for teaching me how to avoid the spam crawlers :-)

Check out what my classmate Donny had to say about his experience at UW Bothell. Taken from our class blog: http://searchweb2006.blogspot.com/

"Hey Everybody,

This is my second quarter here at the Bothell campus. I transferred here from the Seattle campus and I am LOVING it here. I'm not sure if its just personal preference, but if you hate traffic, thousands of other students fighting for the classes you want, and t.a.'s that dont provide a personal learning atmosphere, you're in the right place.

The Bothell campus has actually made my college experience enjoyable, even the homework at times. Students, Teachers and Staff know me by name, and for the first time I actually feel a sense of belonging. I have also discovered that I receive the same advantages that the main campus has to offer their students, if not even more. The education is great, the teamwork is fun, and the networking is better than I could ask for.

So, in my humble opinion, UW Bothell rocks! Thanks for reading."

Some interesting statistics on UW Bothell vs UW Washington, courtesy of http://www.infoplease.com

With 55% women, UW Bothell is clearly the winner!

UW Bothell vs (UW Seattle)

Total Students Full-Time: 1,620 (39,246)
Undergrads: 833 (23,552)
Percent Accepted: 69% (68%)
Percent Women: 55% (51%)
Resident Tuition Fees: $5,157 ($5,286)
Non-Res. Tuition & Fees: $17,787 ($17,916)

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Check it out:

Interested in joining a club at UW Bothell? Here is a list of campus clubs and organizations. Mine will be there soon!


Check out the great reviews for UW Bothell. Go there and leave some feedback; let others know how you feel about our school.


Since many of us are on the road to graduation, here is an interesting list of Money Magazine's 50 best jobs; the jobs are followed by 10 year forecasted growth and average pay (including bonuses). I'm going for #3!

1 Software engineer 46.07% $80,427
2 College professor 31.39% $81,491
3 Financial advisor 25.92% $122,462
4 Human resources manager 23.47% $73,731
5 Physician assistant 49.65% $75,117
6 Market research analyst 20.19% $82,317
7 Computer/IT analyst 36.10% $83,427
8 Real estate appraiser 22.78% $66,216
9 Pharmacist 24.57% $91,998
10 Psychologist 19.14% $66,359
11 Advertising manager 20.34% $107,049
12 Physical therapist 36.74% $54,883
13 Technical writer 23.22% $57,841
14 Chiropractor 22.40% $84,996
15 Medical scientist 34.06% $70,053
16 Physical scientist 12.18% $80,213
17 Engineer 13.38% $76,100
18 Curriculum developer 27.53% $55,793
19 Editor 14.77% $78,242
20 Public relations specialist 22.61% $84,567
21 Sales manager 19.67% $135,903
22 Optometrist 19.73% $93,670
23 Property manager 15.30% $78,375
24 Actuary 23.16% $81,509
25 Writer 17.72% $60,519
26 Social service manager 25.52% $74,584
27 Paralegal 29.75% $61,204
28 Health services manager 22.76% $92,211
29 Advertising sales agent 16.33% $112,683
30 Physician/Surgeon 23.98% $247,536
31 Management analyst 20.12% $63,426
32 Occupational therapist 33.61% $51,973
33 Mental health counselor 27.18% $53,150
34 Landscape architect 19.43% $50,383
35 Biotechnology research scientist 17.05% $66,393
36 Urban planner 15.17% $60,891
37 Lawyer 14.97% $153,923
38 Speech-language pathologist 14.57% $58,329
39 Meeting and convention planner 22.21% $56,072
40 Dietitian/Nutritionist 18.30% $52,244
41 Biological scientist 17.03% $61,317
42 Financial analyst 17.33% $66,203
43 Dentist 13.52% $122,883
44 Accountant 22.43% $62,575
45 Environmental scientist 17.11% $59,027
46 Lab technologist 20.53% $51,502
47 Registered nurse 29.35% $68,872
48 Sales engineer 13.96% $78,875
49 Veterinarian 17.39% $79,923
50 School Administrator 14.55% $73,767

See the full article at http://money.cnn.com/magazines/moneymag/bestjobs/

Friday, July 07, 2006

University of Washington Business School ranked #29 in the nation by U.S. News!


Thursday, July 06, 2006

Check out all my professors...

Clockwise from top left: Sandeep Krishnamurthy, Ron Tilden, Mark Calogero, Roger Neale

Clockwise from top left: Michael Gillespie, Paul Collins, Alan Leong, Gowri Shankar

Here are some helpful links for those of you seeking information about the university:

University of Washington Bothell Official Site

University of Washington Bothell on Wikipedia

Apply for Admission to University of Washington Bothell

Official Site of the UWB Business Program

Campus Crime Rate Links

Prices of the parking pass are twice as high at the UW Bothell campus as they are at Cascadia, yet it is the same pass and can be used for either parking garages! I would like to know why we pay more in tuition, and the parking pass still costs us more to get the exact same thing! When I was a student at Cascadia and UW Bothell at the same time, i just bought it over there and used it on the UW side, but now that i am only enrolled in the UW I can only buy my passes here for about $70. It used to cost me $36! I want my $34 back please! :o)

When I decided to attend UW Bothell, the primary reason was that I was finishing my two year degree in the fall quarter and the main campus in Seattle only accepts new students in the fall. I didn't want to wait three quarters, so I decided that Bothell would be a much better choice. After spending three quarters here, I am so glad that I made the decision to come to this campus. The thing I appreciate most about the Bothell campus is the small class size. I would dread trying to learn in a class that had several hundred students in it. The smaller classes allow students to build better relationships and also mean that the professors are almost always available if you need to meet with them; counselors are also readily available whenever there is a need to meet with one of them. Another aspect that I really enjoy about this campus is that there aren't any teacher assistants running the classes. I don't see the sense in paying top dollar for an education so that the professor can work on publishing material while their assistants teach the classes. So far I have liked every one of my professors. I also enjoy all of the team projects; working in groups is a great experience and I feel the experience will continue to serve me well long after I finish school. Another thing that really makes me glad that I attend this campus is that there is always parking available. I appreciate that it is reasonably priced (1$/day) and that the parking structure is only about 50 yards from the classroom buildings. Lastly, I'd like to send a shout out to Marouane for carpooling with me and saving me at least 15 minutes of traffic each way!

This last year there has been a lot of talk about improving campus culture. The question is constantly posed, "How can a commuter campus like UW bothell get people to spend more time on campus and become more involved in campus life?" Here is one idea; stop running this like a commuter campus. Students at this campus pay the same tuition as students at the main campus, however the benefits that UW Bothell students receive aren't even comparable to those of our Seattle counterparts. For example, the library here closes at 9 and the rest of the campus closes shortly after; this is the case even on finals week. At the community college I attended after high school, the library stayed open until midnight during finals. Currently there are no forms of insurance offered through this campus, but students at community colleges, as well as the Seattle campus are all offered insurance programs. When I attended BCC I used to complain about how bad the food service was in the cafeteria. The Subway here on campus makes the BCC cafeteria seem like fine dining. Even by Subway standards, the campus location is sub par. If this school is interested in getting people to spend more time on campus, it may want to consider constructing facilities that will make people want to spend more time here. Perhaps a gymnasium or exercise facility is in order? In the mean time, keeping the campus library open past 9 would be a good start.

I think UW Bothell should have all the same rights and benefits of students at uw main.

We need more food on campus, I so sick of Subway. And the other day I saw this guy being rude to the employees, but he was so right about how skimpy the vegtables are.